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Traditional Endowment Plans

BSLI Vision Lifeincome Plan

To help you to plan better to achieve your financial goals and realise your dreams with BSLI Vision LifeIncome Plan...

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BSLI Vision Endowment Plan

In addition to the life cover, BSLI Vision Endowment Plan offers upside of accrued bonuses...

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BSLI Savings Plan

The BSLI Savings Plan which not only helps you save money regularly but also enables your savings to grow steadily over time...

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BSLI Vision Lifesecure Plan

BSLI Vision LifeSecure plan is designed to provide longterm financial security for you and your family...

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BSLI Income Assured Plan

BSLI Income Assured Plan is a traditional non participating savings plan. With Assured Income Benefits payable from the end of the...

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BSLI Vision Regular Returs Plan

BSLI Vision Regular Returns Plan is a traditional participating endowment plan. With survival benefits payable every year from 5th policy...

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BSLI Secureplus Plan

BSLI SecurePlus Plan recognizes the importance of various needs and helps you fulfil them by offering you a second income which ensures...

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BSLI Guaranteed Future Plan

This plan ensures that all your dreams are fulfilled and your family maintains the same lifestyle even when you are not around...

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BSLI Vision Endowment Plus Plan

BSLI Vision Endowment Plus Plan, your investment can go a long way in building a safe and financially sound future for your family, today as well as in the years to come...

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